Rapid Detox

Rapid Detox Vs. Ultra Rapid Detox

There is a great deal of confusion on the internet with respect to the terms Rapid Detox and Ultra Rapid Detox. Ultra Rapid Detox generally construes a detoxification process which is done under general anesthesia, which lasts somewhere between 4 and 24 hours, while Rapid Detox, in general, can be used to denote anything from Ultra Rapid Detox to a detox process that lasts 10 days or more. Unfortunately, many clinics and websites now use these terms interchangeably. This can be confusing to individuals seeking information and treatment.

In general, Ultra Rapid Detox is a process of accelerating the detoxification process in patients who are addicted to drugs such as opiates, heroin, and even prescription pain relievers. The Ultra Rapid Detox process should be conducted in a hospital setting while the patient is under general anesthesia. The process needs to be overseen by certified anesthesiologists and a nursing staff that focuses on such procedures. While under anesthesia, the patient is administered medications that counteract the addictive substances. If the procedure is done correctly, the patient awakens from general anesthesia having gone partially through the drug withdrawal syndrome. Depending on how long the individual is under general anesthesia, withdrawal symptoms and physical cravings may be absent or partially absent upon awakening. However, the psychological and emotional aspects of addiction are not treated and, also, the patient hasn't learned to chang their behavior or response to their emotions regarding drugs. Because of this there is a significant risk that the patient will return to drug use shortly after ultra rapid detox.

Rapid Detox is a term that can mean Ultra Rapid Detox, or it can refer to a slower process of detoxification where the patient experiences more of the managable withdrawal symptoms while getting assistance breaking free from the psychological aspects of their addiction. This is a safer and more enduring means of breaking addiction to opiates and other addictive substances.






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