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Oxycontin® is a very powerful drug which was developed originally for terminal cancer patients so as to mask chronic pain. But it is also highly addictive and can cause extreme withdrawal symptoms. This creates the need for oxycontin detox programs which will help remove the physical dependency on the drug in an effective method. Many oxycontin detox programs are based on change of oxycontin to another drug and this does not do much good as it only replaces one addiction with another. An oxycontin detox program can be either the medication type or the rapid type involving anesthesia for the purpose of treatment.

What can you expect in an oxycontin detox program?

Inpatient treatment is the most advised mode of treatment for oxycontin treatment. A typical detox program normally initiates with prescribed medication such as Suboxone that eases the cravings for oxycontin rather than putting an abrupt stop. This kind of oxycontin detox treatment depending on the level of drug use and the duration of use. Rapid detox methods involve the use of anesthesia to the patients to eliminate the painful parts of the treatment. Most of the oxycontin detox programs concentrate on the nutritional intake of the patient as the drug intake depletes the body of its nutritional factor.

Therefore the program might include vitamin infusions, massage therapy, physical exercises, or other protocols to bring in the body balance. Therapy or counseling sessions are used to reduce the psychological dependence associated with the oxycontin use while some methods involve anesthesia for the same. South Florida Detox can help you recover from oxycontin detox.









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