Opiate Detox

Opiates are viewed today as a key player in this rapidly growing drug-dependent segment of society. Opiates come in so many different forms these days and are usually very helpful when prescribed by a doctor and taken as doirected. Opiates come in many forms. Prescription drugs such as Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Morphine to the only illegal and most powerful and addictive opiate, Heroin. Opiate addiction destroys a person's sense of self esteem. It causes decay both physically and mentally, deteriorating the body, as well as bringing on a sense of depression, anger and despair. Opiate addictions are labeled as a Central Nervous System disorder caused by ongoing opiate use. The body ceases to produce endorphins because it is receiving opiates instead. Degeneration of nerve cells causes a physical dependency to opiates.

Since opiates are the most widely abused drugs and physical dependance is common among chronic opiate users there are many types of detox protocols available. Hospital detox, "rapid opiate detox", Home detoxification programs and social detox programs to name the most popular.

Sickle-cell patients, surgical patients, chronic pain sufferers, and cancer patients looking for relief are prescribed opiate based medication by their doctors and end up physically dependent on opiates. These people have a real medical condition's and eventually find themselves in the same situation as drug addicts. Because of the high physical dependence opiates create, an opiate detox in a medical setting proves to be the best method for opiate detox.

Abrupt or sudden abstinence from opiates induces yet another traumatic medical risk. When a person addicted to opiates stops taking them abruptly, they go directly into withdrawal, and become very sick. Withdrawal symptoms include leg kicking, loss of appetite/weight, nausea, shakes, sweats, headaches, vomiting, and depression. Opiate detox is the process of removing the opiates from the body by medications so that the patient does not go into withdrawal and become sick.


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