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Filled with all the peace and joy that can be made in one simple choice. Home detoxification is a life-changing path that breathes new life into you. However, you have to make this choice and the decision is whether you want to continue where you are, right now or step into the life you deserve through home detoxification. Our Country has over 27 million people that are battling with substance abuse. (That includes Senior Citizens, Adults, Teenagers, Men & Women of different Race, and Class.)

You have two options, make that life-changing phone call to get home detoxification and come one step closer to Sobriety or continue your own unsuccessful battle with Substance Abuse.

So make the right decision – home detoxification will open a life-changing experience for you. That phone call that will open the door to your “wonderful new life.” At Angels of Victory, you can get detoxification in your own home or in our safe private home. Just you and our medical trained staff to help you start to achieve this freedom from substance abuse.

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While we certainly help you overcome your physical addiction, we are committed to helping you overcome your psychological addiction as well. Here is a brief outline of some of the topics that are covered during the course of treatment:

•Addiction / Alcoholism – Individuals learn about the disease, attributing factors, characteristics of dependency, classifications of drugs, and physical and mental withdrawal.
•Recovery Dynamics – Individuals learn the stages of recovery, the origin of 12-step fellowships, and understand powerlessness and unmanageability. •Family Dynamics & Roles – The focus is on the individual understanding communication, emotions, codependency, and enabling behaviors. Each persons learns to take responsibility or be accountable for the ways his/or her behaviors have damaged the family system.
•Relapse Prevention – Individuals learn about the models of recovery, relapse warning signs, daily relapse prevention plan, and the analysis of triggers.
•Changes In Recovery – Individuals create a strategy to facilitate change using the Transtheoretical Model of Change. The focus is on communication, effective refusals, relationships, managing thoughts and emotions, developing an action plan, and finding social support systems.









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