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If you or a loved one is in need of a detox, please call us immediately. We understand the dangers of drug detox, and how unpleasant and risky it can be. You don't have to be frightened anymore out of fear of withdrawal. You no longer have to continue to use. You don't have to try do it on you own cold turkey.

You can gain your life back, and it all starts with that 1st and hardest step. We are just a phone call away from helping you start your journey to a clean, sober drug free life. Our crisis counselors are standing by ready to listen to any questions or concerns you may have about drug detox services, and treatment programs. Our clinical team carefully reviews all information and factors presented to determine the appropriate drug detox that is right for you.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is the physiological or medicinal removal of a toxic substance from a living organism. Because of the profound physical and psychological changes a person will go through when addicted to drugs or alcohol, substance abuse detoxification is the only way in which an individual can cleanse the body and return to normal homeostasis. Drug and/or alcohol detox is the best way to help severe forms of addiction and numerous studies have shown conclusively that ridding the body of the toxins of substance abuse and entering into a substance abuse rehabilitation program directly influences the outcome a person will have.

One of the most important reasons behind a person seeking help from a professional Florida detoxification program is because many addictive substances can produce a "rebound" effect. What this means is that there can be a significant return of original symptoms when the original cause is absent. A common symptom that can be experienced is rebound depression, which is common among many addicts. It is believed that when a person is addicted to drugs like alcohol, ecstasy, amphetamines and opiates they increase the risk of long-term depression, which can result in suicidal tendencies.






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