South Florida Detox Center - We Offer Hope in the Treatment for Opiate Addiction.

South Florida Drug Detox Center Costs

Orlando Detox Center Initial Office Visit with a Detox-Certified physicians - $99

  • Comprehensive examination by a staff physician
  • Evaluation of medical history and records (previous MRI, X-Ray, or other diagnostic paperwork)
  • Set personal goals
  • Assessment guidelines for continuum of care
  • Thorough explanation of appropriate medications
  • Initial visit takes 1-2 hours with subsequent visits lasting approximately 15 minutes
  • please call a center which is most convenient for you. To find a location nearest you, please Click here.

If necessary:

  • Additional screening and diagnostic testing referrals (MRI, X-Ray, bloodwork...etc.)
  • Referrals to nonpharmacological treatment facilities (physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, pyschological counseling...etc.)

Orlando Detox Center Continuum of Care -
   Follow Up Office Visit - $99
   Weekly Visits - $60 and Biweekly Visits - $85

  • Meet with physician and other detox management professionals
  • Review of personal goals and quality of life enhancements, including work activities/requirements and social interactions/relationships
  • Evaluation of any new testing or reports
  • Continuation of pharmacological protocol

If necessary:

  • Referrals for additional testing or evaluation
  • Adjustment of medication protocol

Orlando Detox Center Medication Adjustments - TBD

  • Meet with physician between regularly scheduled appointments, only if absolutely necessary.
  • Reevaluation of medication and its effectiveness
  • Possible adjustment of personalized detox plan
  • Cost to be determined on an individual basis


  • ALL remaining medications that were prescribed at your pain center MUST be brought in with you for any Medication Adjustment appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS .

Orlando Detox Center Detox/ Outpatient Opiate Reduction

  • Comprehensive evaluation by an SAMHSA certified physician
  • Assessment of personal goals
  • Discreet and confidential process
  • Continual supervised care and assessment during entire day long process
  • Individualized titration plan to taper off medications
  • Thorough explanation of appropriate medications
  • Referrals to additional healthcare support facilities

Orlando Detox Center Continuum of Care - Detox/Opiate Reduction - $55

  • Meet with physician for progress review
  • Evaluation of individualized titration plan
  • Review of personal goals and quality of life enhancements
  • Continuation of pharmacological protocol
  • Weekly office visit required

Orlando Detox Center On-Site Medication Dispensing Facility - TBD

  • Competitive pricing
  • Prescriptions filled immediately on-site
  • Affordable and confidential

Please note:

  • We provide this service as a convenience to our patents
  • Prescriptions may be taken and filled at any outside of our facility at any pharmacy of the patients choosing.
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