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It is time. You are finally ready to stop using drugs, and take control of your life again. The mere thought of drug detox Florida and substance abuse treatment centers – especially the withdrawal process – fills you with dread.

Don’t let your fear of withdrawal stop you from getting sober – and living the life you deserve. Our substance abuse treatment centers professionals take all the fear and worry out of the equation.

Our detox philosophy is one that is medically safe and comfortable for you as well as affordable!

Before drug rehabilitation can start, you must rid your body of toxic substances like drugs. This is the process called detoxification, and the best place for this is at the drug detox center. At South Florida Detox our philosophy is your comfort, safety and peace of mind.

The truth about addiction is that your drug of choice ultimately makes little difference. Addiction itself is an emotional and spiritual disease, one which is sadly given short shrift in our national media. Particularly overlooked is the epidemic of growing drug abuse among women-a rising tide of suffering that has until recently been without a leading research center to offer compassionate care.

What is Drug Addiction Recovery?

Recovery from drug addiction, like recovery from any disease, encompasses a broad spectrum of action beginning with the determination to stop using drugs and continuing for as long as the alcoholic or addict tries to live without using drugs and alcohol. Aspects of drug addiction recovery include:

* Drug and alcohol intervention
* Withdrawal and detoxification
* Treatment and rehabilitation
* Relapse and relapse prevention

We are aware that there is more to drug addiction recovery than merely breaking a physical addiction to prescription drugs, alcohol and/or street drugs. Though, certainly, this is a monumental task in and of itself, the spiritual and mental aspects of recovery are the other two parts of this trifecta. Only when all three components are tended to can you truly begin to heal from drug addiction and abuse.






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